About Me
About, Cobra and his Passion!

I always had a passion for knives, and leather
stuff as a kid, Over the years I Started collecting
all kinds of knives and actually made tons of
stuff out of leather.
Later, When I worked for a company, a fellow
employee had a brother that made custom
knives and I was introduced to him........I was
hooked and worked with him for awhile, And
learned a lot!!

Then came the Motorcycle club, and all the
leathers, vests and chaps etc......I got back into
the leather goods, And even started collected
more knives.

After awhile I worked for a plastics company, I
never had time to do anything for a
hobby.....Hoping one day I would have more time
for my hobby. Yrs later had more time for
hobbies, I started making leather works
again.....this time with ALL the right tools......Even
became quite good at taking a photo and turning
it into a work of art out of leather......With such
detail, And I loved it, and was happy once again,
making my leather goods.

With good fortune ....I was able to buy a house
with it was a 24 X 40 Foot detached garage, and
plenty of space for my life long dream of having
a real shop to make my leather goods, and a
Knife Shop........So here we are......a beginning of
a new future, no matter where it goes......

I am happy to be here, and working my hobby as
a passion, and therapy!!
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