Staying safe means you need quick access to
your gun. With SofHold's superior gun
magnet, you can mount your gun vertically,
horizontally or upside down for low profile
storage. Under desks, inside cars, behind
beds, anywhere you want to discretely mount
your gun, you can rely on SofHold for hidden
storage and quick access. This lock down gun
concealment magnet works on most
semi-automatic handguns and revolvers. Use
two magnets for shotguns and rifles.

SofHold is a heavy-duty magnet that can hold
up to 50 pounds. This is at least 30% stronger
than other gun magnets on the market. Your
gun will remain mounted and secure until you
need it. Mounted to any number of surfaces,
this leather-bound, ultra-strong magnet
securely holds your firearm, but will not
scratch the surface, as the magnet itself will
not come into contact with your weapon.
Other gun mounting magnets that are rubber
coated can damage the finish of your gun, but
the soft, leather cover of SofHold will protect
your firearm. No nicks, scratches, or scrapes.

SofHold's Gun Magnet is easy to mount and
comes with instructions. If you or anyone you
know is an avid gun lover and needs a safe,
convenient, and protective mounting system,
look no further. You won't find a higher quality
product. You also will not find a more
attractive, eye-pleasing mount that reads,
"American Patriot" and has a symbolic eagle
which represents the place it was made,
America, Home of the Free.


$39.95 Price Each